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    Flexible, Scalable Automation

    Efficiently manage repetitive horizontal transport and cart-towing tasks

Automated Lift Trucks – Consistent, Productive Operation

  • What is an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)?

    An Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is used to efficiently automate repetitive horizontal transport tasks in the material handling process. AGV’s are ideal for putaways, long hauls, cross-docking and staging loads. The Raymond Courier Automated Pallet Jack is ideal for dock work and horizontal transport while the Raymond Courier Automated Tow Tractor is best suited for parts-to-line, 车拉, batch picking and value-added operations.

Raymond Automated Lift Trucks

We’ve taken our industry-leading pallet truck and tow tractor designs and engineered them for manual or automated operation. This hybrid design gives operators the flexibility to program the truck to run on its own, or operate it manually as a traditional lift truck. It’s like getting the best of both worlds in a world-class vehicle that can work the way you want for maximum productivity.



Operate autonomously or manually to multiply the impact of your workforce.


Flexible automation to meet your changing operational demands.


Performs at the high level expected of any automated solution.


An easily scalable solution that works in tandem with your forklift fleet.

Is Automation Right for Your Facility?

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